【CHANEL】  CRM Project Coordinator
採用企業 シャネル合同株式会社
勤務地 東京都 23区
雇用形態 正社員
給与 700万円 ~ 900万円

I. BUSINESS CONTEXT: Business context and operational challenges

Although CHANEL is the No. 1 Beauty brand globally, it has great potential in the Japanese market, especially in the area surrounding Digital.
In particular, it is necessary to draw out the business potential of the stores and the sales staff who interact with clients there, while building a unique method for CHANEL that is not second best to other companies.

II. EXISTING AND FUTURE STAKES: Areas of transformation for the future
Execute CRM initiatives related to CRM data with the support of CRM manager, such as;
 Loyalty program internal & external coordination:
– Coordination to Corp. CRM, IT, Retail, Logistics, Finance, Education and Global CRM
– Be a contact point for all inquiries from BAs
– Gift management
– Verification of the effectiveness of loyalty program by extracting data and analysis
 Pioneer project coordination:
– Coordination to Corporate CRM, IT, Retail and Education
– Incorporate new functions and usage into retail
– Execute coming projects relate to Pioneer and ONE

Ø Establishment of loyalty program KPIs in stores, coordination with Retail, and responsibility for continuous improvement of these KPIs.
Ø Identify the impediments to loyalty program in store activities and implement specific improvements, including not only systemic aspects but also sales staff actions.
Ø Understand deeply the specificities of the Japanese market, negotiate with the global team and IT, and incorporate these specificities into the functionality to a reasonable extent.
Ø Design and execute operations to ensure smooth implementation of these projects, and liaise with other departments, including the global team.
Ø  Timely follow up, if data error happened.

The key stakeholders and working relation will comprise:
 Japan F&B business team
 Japan M&C, IT, Legal
 Global CRM team, Global FBP IT

職務経験 1年以上
キャリアレベル 中途経験者レベル
英語レベル ビジネス会話レベル
日本語レベル 流暢
最終学歴 高等学校卒
現在のビザ 日本での就労許可が必要です

The ideal candidate will bring:
 Experience in data marketing, luxury industry preferable.
 Knowledge for IT system development flow, client DB marketing and Analytics tool.
 Experience in system implementing project lead

Ideal attributes:
 Listen to the opinions of others and persuade logically
 Seek objectives and results. Be able to see issues from a big picture perspective and create the best solutions
 Positive to contribute to an inclusive culture and work in a diverse group
 Build a plan based on figures
 English is required: have a call with global CRM/ IT team

What CHANEL can bring to the right candidates
§ Experience as a key luxury market leader
§ A company culture putting people first in every step on the way
§ Opportunity to interact directly with the French headquarters to propose and create your own plan to expand the brand’s fan

東京都 23区
雇用形態 正社員
給与 700万円 ~ 900万円
業種 アパレル・ファッション
マーケティング・販促企画・商品開発系 > Web・デジタルマーケティング
会社の種類 大手企業 (300名を超える従業員数) – 外資系企業