CHANEL IT team is embarking on a journey to transform its operating model and the information system architecture, shifting towards a model leveraging global capabilities and local expertise.
In this context, to further support the digitalization of its business and better leverage data across the organization, the Japan IT team is willing to initiate a transformation program of its Business Intelligence capabilities. Through this program and its progressive implementation, the IT team will deliver value at every level of the organization, and set the foundation to better drive business decisions, work more efficiently, and fully exploit the potential of data in the years to come.

The Data and analytics Manager is to lead the BI transformation program while supporting the current ecosystem. His/her first mission will be to fully understand the current BI landscape (data, sources and interfaces, reports, KPI definition, BI tools…), the main actors involved (3 divisions business teams and IT) and assess the level of maturity of our organization on both Business intelligence and data management axis.

Meanwhile, he/she will start building a strategic vision of what should be our future BI ecosystem, knowing that some alignments and requirements will come from our Global teams. Once the vision is clear and validated, he/she will have to lead the whole program, ensuring a smooth transition between the as-is and to-be model.

The candidate will be expected to have a strong ownership and understanding of the technology bricks chosen, to be very hands-on and not only to limit his role to the program management (scope, resource, cost, and schedule).
He/she will also have to set a local governance on data, and progressively guide our organization toward a new culture where decisions are supported by data, easily accessible to the right population.

Security requirements around data will also be a strong focus to ensure not only a technological change, but also a change that aims at sharing the right data to the right people only. The candidate will be familiar with both current and new BI technologies and will ideally have a similar transformation experience in Japan.
対象年齢 Late 30s to Mid 40s are preferred   (特定年齢層の特定職種の労働者が相当程度少ないため)

– Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field
– A minimum of 5 years of experience in a Business Intelligence role
– Proven experience leading and managing BI teams or similar scale project/program including local and offshore vendors management
– Strong understanding of related technologies and tools:
* Files, API, streaming ingestion with tools such as Azure Data factory, events hub
* Overall data platform management with tools like Azure Synapse analytics, Databricks, Delta Lake
* Data governance with tool such as Azure Purview, Collibra
* BI visualization tools like Power BI, QlikView

– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
– Self-starter: takes direction and self-motivated to work autonomously
– Excellent communication and presentation skills
– Experience with data warehousing and ETL processes is a plus
– Experience in report development and user support on Power BI is a plus
– Precedent experience in Retail industry

– Languages: Japanese (native), English (business), French (nice to have)


・所定労働時間:9:30~18:00(7.5h) 昼休み:12:45-13:45


① 月給
② 季節賞与(4か月)
③ 業績変動賞与

Annual Salary (①+②+③): 経験と能力に基づく



▼Contract Type
・Full-time, Probationary Period: 6 months

▼Work Hours
・Fixed working hours :9:30~18:00(7.5h) Lunch time:12:45-13:45
・Flex time (core hours 10:30-16:00, 60 minute lunch)

・Annual salary, paid monthly
・Based on your experience, skills and potential
・Reviewed a year

《Compensation Package》
① Monthly salary
② Seasonal Bonus(4month)
③ Performance Bonus

Annual Salary (①+②+③):TBA

・5-day work week (Sat/Sun off)
・National holidays, paid leave, New Year’s vacation, sick leave, congratulatory leave, compassionate leave, funded leave.

・Health insurance
・Full transportation coverage
・Company PC/smartphone
・Condolence money
・Congratulatory money(Marriage/Baby)
・Staff sales (perfume & cosmetics / fashion products / watch & fine jewelry)
・Medical checkup
・Recreation center / accommodation facility discount
・Sports gym
・Language training support